Fenice Invest is
the idea in action

Fenice Invest was established in 2018 to offer a tailored services in the Real Estate, Infrastructure and Energy sectors.
The project is the brain-child of Guido Quattri, entrepreneur and start-up founder. Arrived in Luxembourg to join the EIB as Senior Engineer in 2014, Guido has since decided to continue his entrepreneurial activity in the country. Guido Quattri’s education and career are outstanding: MsE at Politecnico di Milano, MBA at SDA Bocconi, entrepreneur and C-level manager for several industrial and engineering consulting firms in the infrastructure sector.


We believe that we are on the face of the earth to enjoy and support others.

  • Value

    We are constantly focusing on investments able to create a fair value for all the stakeholders

  • Simple

    We believe in the simple
    not the complex

  • Technology

    We make our projects effective because we control all the technologies that we use, and we focus where we can make a significant contribution.

  • Excellence

    We strive for excellence in fulfilling the expectations of our clients. We have the passion to innovate and the intelligence to continuously evolve. We ensure that the ethic values of our company are shared by our teams and lead to success

  • Team

    We care that the management values embedded in this company are shared by the teams and lead to success


We design our projects creating a revolutionary concept to interpret the future. Our management attracts dispersed resources to create an excellent team. We fund the feasibility study and we manage the start-up. We consolidate our successful investments in a group synergy.

Changing the way
you live your life

Renew-house was established in 2018 to offer the market in Luxembourg the know-how and expertise in the real estate sector acquired over more that 20 years of activity in Europe. Renew-house offers specific services to supports who is looking for a Real Estate investment or needs to extend the life of any existing asset.

Renew-house Clients take an overall view of the needs driven by the living and look for an holistic approach. First of all the building (residential or commercial) is a financial investment, besides an emotional space embedded of technology then a totem of social identity.


We assist our Clients all along the process of selection and evaluation of investment opportunities to help them make easy and smart decisions. Our tailored services due diligence, estimates of restructuring costs, expert advice throughout the negotiation process, management training, assistance with administrative formalities.


Guido Quattri

GUIDO QUATTRIGeneral manager
& Energy infrastructure manager

Guido Quattri


ALESSANDRO ALFÌ Civil infrastructure manager